New rental conditions due to Covid-19

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are living in an uncertain time. It affects us all.

I wish you much strength in whatever way you are affected by the spread of the virus. If you have become ill, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Due to the Coronavirus, the general rental conditions have now been temporarily changed.


For new reservations:

For new reservations (after the outbreak of COVID-19), the deposit will be refunded if the holiday cannot continue due to COVID-19.


There is a rebooking arrangement / rebooking guarantee for reservations already made if the holiday cannot continue due to COVID-19.

We offer a rebooking if the holiday cannot take place due to COVID-19.

The conditions:

  1. Validity. The new booking must be made within twelve months. The end date of the rebooked holiday may be no later than twelve months after the end date of the original trip. If the owner of the house you rented does not rent the house next year, we will refund the deposit.
  2. When entitled to the rebooking guarantee. The tenant is entitled to the rebooking guarantee if one of the following measures applies as a result of COVID-19:
    1. On the day of departure, France may not be entered for holiday purposes for residents of the country where the tenant lives.
    2. On the day of departure, the country where the tenant lives may not be left for holiday purposes.
    3. On the day of departure, a transit country may not be crossed for holiday purposes and an alternative travel route cannot reasonably be requested from the tenant.

I hope to welcome you soon with us in Provence.

Best regards,

Marja Soomers

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